Have you ever thought about using QR codes to make events more fun? Well, what about if you used them to make a treasure hunt for the kids? Or maybe you’re wanting to propose marriage and you want to do it in a way that hasn’t been done before? Perhaps you’d like to make a vacation announcement in a fun and surprising way? Well now you can add these “mini mega storage pictures” to events, and the possibilities are endless!

QR (or quick response) codes are funky little squares that resemble puzzles, and they store information that can be accessed with the click of a cellphone camera. But what do these codes really do?

These squares can contain any kind of text, or contact information, but they can also send a person to a web page — so while we already share things like engagement photos, scrapbooks, and blogs online, now we can share so much more, and quickly, with QR codes! QR Code scanner

And that Bridal Shower you’ve been planning for your best friend? Imagine the guests opening their invitation and seeing the squares that lead them to the bridal registry, a map for how to get to the shower, and the engagement photos in an online album! Even after the shower is finished, you can upload photos of the special day, and all this can be found quickly by taking a snapshot of the square with a mobile device equipped with a camera, an internet connection, and the downloaded app for decoding QR.

QR codes are easy to make too. You just figure out what kind of information you want to share — a website URL, map location, store registry URL, etc. Then search online for a QR code generator, submit your information, and download the resulting image file. Then copy that image file into your invitation layout.

Imagine getting QR codes printed onto a PVC plastic card (like those gift cards or store cards we have all seen?) The guests won’t forget a Bridal Shower invitation that came printed on a PVC plastic card. It fits in their wallet, it’s a great reference, it never gets crumpled or soggy and is less likely to be thrown away or lost.

Coded plastic PVC cards can be used for so many other events too — baby showers, retirement parties, and sweet 16 parties. Imagine a scavenger hunt where QR codes are part of the clues?? What if they showed where to find a specific item, or had other clues in them? Even creating a treasure hunt for the kids when you’re at the beach is more fun with QR codes!


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