The Kalyan Matka market is one of the oldest in the industry and it has been in existence for six decades. One can say that modern betting in India started from here. Betting in India existed before that, but completely in a different form and it was about guessing the opening prices of cotton in prominent local & overseas stock exchanges. This form of betting was prevalent in post-Independent India, but it was short-lived. It is because within a decade cotton trades were halted at the major stock exchanges. However, within that short span, it had created a demand for betting in India, and hence came the existence of Satta Kalyan betting. In those days it was a new concept introduced to betting and that seems to have lasted till today.

What is it precisely?

The guessing of cotton prices was a thing of the past and it paved the way for the introduction of a number guessing game. This sort of game was first played in the year 1961 in the Kalyan Satta Matka market. The betting by that time had become some form of addiction and the popularity has only soared over the years. We would find it interesting as we say that the Satta Kalyan is popular despite the betting being not granted legal status for many years. It operated under the cover of illegal operations but there was nothing to stop its popularity. Today such concerns have been settled because the Indian government has legalized online gambling and this market was one of the first to transform online. Moreover, the market can be accessed seven days a week and this is one more reason for its popularity to soar.

Who is a Matka king?

You would love to participate in the betting and before that, one must have an idea of the term Matka king. A few days back the term was reserved for operators and a person by the name of Ratan Khatri wore that crown. It was for more than a quarter-century that Ratan Khatri wore the crown and it was until his death two or three years back. After his passing away the Matka King title was reserved for the most successful player in the market. The person who walks away with prize money on most occasions will wear the crown.

Can I be the Matka king?

The mention of cash prizes should tempt you to the hilt and you would desire to be the king of the Kalyan Satta Matka guessing market. It is surely a number guessing game but as you watch closely, one will feel that it is not random guessing. There is a process to calling out the numbers and one can always be on the lookout for tips. You can speak to experienced participants or even gather them from reliable online websites. You need to do something more than just gather tips from online websites. One will need to learn the implementation on the Matka board and it comes only with practice. It may take some time but one fine day you will be earning the big money from the Satta Matka.


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