iPhone 12 Mini Review – Is it Really All That Great?

The new Apple iPhone 12 Mini is now available from all leading iPhone manufacturers including the iPhone manufacturer, Apple. It’s great to see the return of the smaller iPhone, which has always been popular. There are other benefits of the 12 Mini compared to the iPhone Plus. Let’s have a look at the specifications and compare the two devices. iphone 12 mini

Screen Size & Weight Although the iPhone 12 mini is smaller than the iPhone 12 pro max, both have the exact same display size and weight. The screens have sharpened corners & rounded corners too. When measured in terms as a rectangular square, the phone is only 5.otti inches ( iPhones have taller screen sizes than the Pro Max models). Actual usable viewing area is marginally less, however.

Compared to the full version, the iPhone 12 mini features a smaller battery, but it lasts longer than the average user would expect. The difference between the two devices could be down to the way the iPhone has a button top on its headphone jack that can be pressed and instantly turned the mobile screen off. The full version of the iPhone has a home button on the top of the device which can be pressed to turn the device on, as well as several other functions. Despite this shortcut key, it looks like the iPhone 12 mini will feature a larger battery than the average iPhone.

RAM The RAM of the iPhone 12 mini is only 1.5 times that of the Plus model, but this figure is just for the Cellular Verizon network. For those who travel frequently and use up more than the 1.5GB of memory allowance of the cellular memory, it’s better to go with one of the higher memory capacity iPhones, rather than the mini. The lack of RAM doesn’t seem to be enough to justify the lower price of the device. There are other factors to consider though, such as the number of pixels the device can display at once. The iPhone 12 mini has a pixel density of 401ppi, far less than the other phones in the range.

Storage The amount of storage offered on the iPhone 12 mini is much less than that of the other models of the iPhone 12 line, which features either 4GB or six gigs. It’s not exactly a poor option, but many consumers will prefer to have more storage space. Even with six gigabytes, the iPhone 12 Mini is still much smaller than many of its competitors. Although Apple claims the memory is sufficient for everyday use, it will depend greatly on the actual use for the gadget – whether watching movies, downloading music or simply surfing the internet.

What about trade-ins? Apple has made it easy for consumers to exchange their old iPhone for the cheaper iPhone 12 Mini by providing a facility called ‘iftouch.’ By using the device’s iOS 4.3 mobile app, you can register your device online and request an iPhone trade-in. As soon as you’ve verified that the model you want is genuine, Apple will transfer the trade-in details to their system and process your new phone instantly. This makes the process of obtaining an iPhone 12 mini that little bit easier.

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